Life coach

Life coach
for your better future

Do you need someone to support, encourage and facilitate the thinking and learning process in the various changes that you have in your life, in an objective and professional manner?

Do you want a change in your life (job, country, relationship) and you don't know where to start?

Do you want to start something new and need objective support and inspiration?

Do you have to take a difficult (important) decision and do not know how to proceed?

Do you think you need something else at work? Do you want a career change but have some reservations?

Do you want to be successful (performant) but for some reason you still do not succeed?

Do you want to (re) define your goals?

How could you make any change you face much easier?

The easiest, most convenient and fastest way to find the answer to these questions, and to many more, as well as the way to put them into practice effectively.
intuity coach

Grow your confidence, increase your self-esteem!

Cleanse scarcity, fear-based thinking from your mindset

Learn to be proud of yourself and to celebrate your life more in the moment

Identify motivation roadblocks

See yourself as successful

Become a massive action taker

Walk through life transitions with peace

Break self-sabotage habits or behaviors

Overcome procrastination and overthinking

Live without stress or internal self-pressure

Trust yourself and your gut

Clarify your purpose and values

Cleanse yourself from limiting beliefs

Silver                            6 Weeks
Gold          Package        9 Weeks
Platinum                      12 Weeks

Aim High!

Finally! A coaching package as Good as promissed! your career has stalled: you are not moving up the career ladder despite your hard work: you are being groomed for leadership and need help with managing politics in the office and organizational change.Increased self awarness! A great transformational kick start to build on!
  • 35.min free strategy call
  • free personalized gifts
  • email and support between sessions
3 sessions of 60 minutes

intuity coach
My role as a certified Coach is to help you increase your confidence, both professionally and personally, by identifying possible blockages, gaining clarity, aligning your goals with your values, thus discovering your desired potential. I use a psychological approach that helps you develop self-understanding, pinpoint and tackle psychological blocks to change.


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