Why Intuity

“I did it, even though I knew it was wrong for me!”
“I should have followed my gut feeling and instinct…”

Do these words sound like something you would say?
How would your life be different if you did follow your intuition?
And yet, I still took those decisions against my intuition.
intuity coach

And that’s my story. I have lived my last 20 years living in a decision I made against my gut. And there were 20 long years having a profitable business as a dentist.

Born in Communist Romania, I followed my parents’ wishes for me to pursue dentistry. On one level, it was to follow my mother; and on another, I was not aware of other options available even if they really were because my mother made it so. To make my parents proud, I studied hard to be better than my competition and started in the shadow of my mother’s practice when I graduated. A few years later, I made a difficult decision to step out of my mother’s shadow and started my very own dental practice. It was then that I started to become aware that the excitement I have in being a dentist did not come from treating teeth, but from the multitude of interactions I have with my patients. In the last 5 years of my practice, I began to question why I was doing what I was doing; and what would I do if I was not a dentist?

You see, I “chose” to be a dentist because it was socially celebrated, and I wanted to make my parents happy. The world had told me that being a dentist was good and I’d be a fool to not pursue it since I had the chance, but yet I felt emptiness and was not able to confront it until recently. When I finally found the courage to confront it, I abandoned my life work and took a pause in my life. In this pause, I allowed myself to connect with my intuition, the very source of wisdom that I had all this while in my life, but chose to ignore because it had no shape or form. Many well-meaning friends were convinced that this was just a mid-life crisis; but I knew that it was not merely a mid-life crisis but an identity crisis I was facing. I was at a crossroads – deciding if I wanted to define my own identity or allow the world to give me my identity.

Without regret, I am writing this story today to share my journey with you; because we are all on this same journey whether we all admit it or not.
Are you searching for your own identity too? Or perhaps you know it lies deep inside you and all you need is the courage to take up your authorship of your identity and life. I am extending an invitation to you to enter a journey of exploration with me.

Would you allow yourself to follow your intuition and accept my invitation?

You will find in our coaching sessions

The easiest, most convenient and fastest way to find the answer to these questions, and to many more, as well as the way to put them into practice effectively.

intuity coach
Helping my clients is a passion of mine. I've done so as a dentist for the last 20 years and in my own journey of discovery, I've realised that what really energizes me is helping my clients through coaching


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