Not enough/Good enough

Not enough/Good enough

Not enough/ Good enough

It seems at a first look like a huge transformation, but aren`t all shifts of perspective being huge to someone?

How can you make such a change and more important how can you sustain in long term this new way of being?

What is needed to understand the place we are now and the place we want to be in the future?
How can coaching relationships help you shift and support you in the process and help you even after achieving the goal?
What work needs to be done in order to change, grow and move forward?
What can get in the way?
What is the first step in the process?
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Well first I think is the courage to open up, the courage to talk about different issues, the courage of wanting this change… so what is courage – from the definition of ``to speak one`s mind by telling one`s heart``, to being heroic –from speaking honestly and openly about who we are and about our experiences(good or bad) – to reaching out for help- to being ok for being vulnerable and let emotions be visible sometimes- to being ok to discover who we are with our vulnerabilities and weak points. And what exactly means for each one not enough and also good enough? How are these concepts expressed in different people and how can this tool help them?
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Not enough. Where is this coming from? is there an underlying belief attached? What else is attached to this? What can do to you if you still hold this in your life? How is this serving you now? How can you help people came face to face with core beliefs, examine and challenge them?

Reasons for feeling not good enough are from the core beliefs that are running the show, your inner voice is critical and judgmental, you surround yourself with critical people and also had critical parents.

Embracing who we are in every moment with our imperfections, growing and cultivating authenticity and living every day from the perspective of being enough, cultivating the courage to be the person that we want and not compare with others and also not to be afraid of letting others see the real selves. We all need help to make important changes in our lives and to learn new things and having conversations that inspire the client ,that makes the client want to change and develop through unconditional support throughout the process of change can make a person shift from not being good enough to a person who can redefine. What is exactly not…enough…everybody at some point in life can fill in the blank with different words like not being smart enough, young enough, not having enough time, money, freedom etc. and this fear and scarcity is a fuel for gremlins and prevents you to move forward.

After knowing that is ok to feel different in different situations and telling the stories of fear self-doubt etc. the weight can be lifted and only the ability to recognize these can move you to develop more courage and self-trust. Shame and fear loses power when is spoken. So name it: not enough and talk about it and feel liberated

After identifying the feelings of shame, guilt fear etc. coach acknowledge the client for the insights and for worthiness .and see how can you shift from there. The first step is to try to understand your own reaction instead of asking why you have it. For most of us, enough is never enough. We’re so busy trying to be something other than whom and what we are in the present moment. We constantly judge ourselves as not what we should be. As a result, we’re always striving for something else. Unfortunately, we have no idea what that “something else” is.
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Enough is Enough!

Defining what enough means for us requires us to accept ourselves for who and what we are. By creating an achievable destination, we’re agreeing that there will be an end to the striving for more an we’ll have to be content with things as they are.

Are you ready to do that? If not, why not? If you are ready, can you decide that you’re there now? If not, why not? I’m suggesting that we stop judging ourselves as not enough. Instead, let’s enjoy the process of growing for its own sake instead of doing it to achieve an unachievable goal of what others thin we should be.

What will happen if we don’t get the complete acceptance and approval from the important people in our lives Answer:Our lives will be exactly as they are today.

Coaching application:

What would you do today if you knew you could not make mistakes?
What is the worst possible outcome?
What am I afraid of/ what are my greatest fears? What is getting in the way or holding me back? What do I need to believe to achieve my goals?
What can support me in overcoming perfectionism?
What can help me focus on good enough?
What is enough anyway?

Who gets to decide what enough is and why should we listen to them?
What do you think you should have at this moment that is missing or not recognized by others?

Making New Choices

You can choose a lifetime of unhappiness and “not enough-ness” that goes along with seeking your own validation through other people.
Or you can know that happiness and enough-ness come when you accept and approve of yourself, without needing outside, subjective validation.

You Are Enough

Shifting your focus to others allows you to open your heart and mind to be more compassionate with others. When you can accept others exactly how they are with no judgment, you’ll find it much easier to accept yourself and choose happiness in your own life.

Decide that you’re good enough right here, right now, exactly as you are.Other people and more experiences can’t make you complete or enough. Grow, learn and achieve in order to serve others with your expanding gifts, not to strive for unattainable ideas of being enough.

Key Questions & Reflection for coaching application:

What are the areas in my life that perfectionism is getting in the way of?
What are my beliefs, values and assumptions around perfectionism?
Am I comfortable with being good enough? What does good enough look like to me?
What do you think you deserve that you aren’t getting?
What are you afraid you will never achieve?
What decisions in your life are you blaming for your present circumstances?

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