The courage to be yourself!

The courage to be yourself!

There is a close connection between insecurity and fear. Address your insecurities and you'll find your fears, and conversely, address your fears and you'll identify your lack of self-confidence.

You are afraid, because you are not sure of yourself in general, most of the time we start from the fact that you do not know yourself in the first place and then you tend to lean towards something bad rather than something good. Self-doubt clearly attracts personal ignorance and from the fact that you do not know how you will react, and then you better not react at all or withdraw.


In childhood: first time we are afraid of the dark, of the monsters under the bed... Parents can help amplify this fear or diminish it over time.. Then we are afraid of strangers and those whose reactions we do not understand, we are afraid of their reactions, we are afraid of rejection.

Many of us have been taught from a young age by our parents, teachers to define ourselves by what others think of us. , which then becomes the main motivator for most of our behavior patterns. As a result, instead of learning to build self-esteem based on our inner values, we may have developed a belief system that self worth is determined by the opinions of others .

We are afraid of death and of being ill.

To "protect" ourselves, we often project emotions we don't really feel, act to please others, or say things we don't really believe.

I am afraid that things will go wrong, mainly because of what I have seen and heard from others. This leads to a shaken confidence in yourself and your abilities. We no longer know who we are because we didn't even have the courage to reinforce that trust.

We fear being out of control of the situation rather than realizing that we cannot control most situations and can only control ourselves, our reactions, our actions and our emotions. and educated over time  

Why is it so much easier to give in to fear even if it is unjustified than to embrace courage?

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Do you need courage to express your true self, to be authentic?

Being yourself is the only way to find your purpose in life, and being aligned with your purpose is the only way to thrive and find fulfillment. Knowing yourself, your values, priorities, hopes and dreams is essential to overcoming your fears and becoming the best version of you.

Courage seems to me to mean being authentic, having your own voice and expressing it.

To have courage is to take it upon yourself to live by the principles and values ​​important to you, it is to have strength of character .

To have courage is to constantly defeat that critical inner voice that tells you how hard it is, how many obstacles you will encounter, how others have failed and why you think you will win where others have not succeeded, what others will say about you, what will happen if you fail etc.

There is also the aspect that other people's opinions matter in our lives. Many people continue to seek validation from others, validation from their parents, friends, etc. Most importantly, other people have lives with ups and downs and the person you are seeking validation from is to understand what you can't, don't know, or don't do. These obstacles are insurmountable because we are afraid of what to say. 

Sometimes courage is that inner voice that tells you at the end of the day: it's okay, I'll try again tomorrow!

So how do you find your own expression?

Some know their way from a young age, we call them talented people such as musicians, artists and athletes. But there are also those who follow different paths in search of passion. Many people hide from themselves, pretend to be who they are not and act in ways that make others happy but not themselves and forget who they are...and lose their inner glow.


  • Don't beat yourself up even if today what you set out to do didn't work out for you, try tomorrow and the day after until you get what you want, then know how to differentiate between what you really want and what you can change to get what you want.
  • Align your desires, ideals with your values.
  • Create a thorough and achievable action plan.
  • Be then responsible for carrying out the plan and not deviating from the path despite obstacles, and adverse external factors.
  • Be aware that any plan can be revised and adapted to your current wishes.
  • To know that you are not alone in what you want to do and you can always ask for help to make your path easier, smoother and more pleasant.

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