The Power of Choice

The Power of Choice

How can you take the right decision?

What is Choice?

Let’s start with the basics. Merriam-Webster defines choice as the following:
The opportunity or power to choose between different possibilities; the opportunity or power to make a decision and act on it.
Choice theory is the study of how decisions get made. The term was coined in a book of the same name by William Glasser, who argued that all choices are made to satisfy five basic needs: survival, love and belonging, power,freedom, and fun.

We all make decisions. Some decisions are hard, some are easy, and some make us wonder what if we chose the other path. I do not believe in another path. If we make a decision it is for the reason to learn from, even if it’s not for the best. We are who we are because we chose to do what we chose to do.

The end result is our happiness. The choice you make can be the right one for the moment or the wrong one, and more important than the choice itself can be the power of realizing what the choice is bringing into your life and learn from that and as I said if it turns out to be a wrong choice just make it right, have the power of choosing again and doing it better this time.
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Life is a matter of choices. We are making choices every day sometimes without knowing like an automatism. Right from the time we wake up; to the time we go to sleep at night. Some of these are so routine we do not even stop to think about them.. Sometimes it can be life-changing, and the choice we make can leave us with more meaningful learning experiences.
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Who will you be after making a choice?

No matter the circumstance, your response remains your own. When all else seems to fail, we can still choose our attitudes. We can choose our actions. We can choose to face what lies before us, working through our fears and moving forward.

What choices will you make?

Choice is difficult because it represents sacrifice.
Choosing something means giving up on something else — something we might want tomorrow, or next week — and that won’t be available to us if we don’t grab it today.

Choosing How We See Our Times

“It was the best of times; it was the worst of times.”

What makes it that one person sees the times they live in as great? They see opportunity and adventure around every corner as well as being filled with the hope of an even better tomorrow. Then you find someone, could be someone in the same workplace or even the same family, and they see the times as an absolute disaster. They are filled with fear and a sense that things could fall apart at any minute.

Nothing they see or do offers them hope or joy and they are certain that tomorrow will be no better. It all comes down to one key element that both people have full control over, and that is the attitude. You see, the power of choice, like all things of value in this life, requires courage, determination, and hard work. Even though we all have the power of choice, we must, first of all, choose to use it. If we do not exercise our ability to make decisions for ourselves or the chose what is best for us, it is the same as not having a choice at all.

Good decisions are always made quickly and changed slowly, while poor decisions are made slowly and changed quickly. Trust what you know. Make decisions quickly but wisely. Will you sometimes make a bad decision or a mistake? Yes, I am sure you will. In fact, I hope you do. Why? Because it is through making mistakes that we learn. It is by taking risks that we discover not just what works but what does not work as well, and that is very important information to have.
As the brilliant, Albert Einstein said, “Anyone who has never made a mistake never tried anything new.”

Choosing How We Move Forward:

make a choice and act upon it…learn, grow and improve and choose again based on your learning .It all comes down to two very important realities that, once you put them into play they will change your whole life. You choose.

Like it or not, you always choose.

You choose if you will take control of your life or you choose to givethat control away. You choose if you will achieve your dreams or you choose to give them up. In the end, you always choose.

Choice in my opinion is an ongoing process of acting and learningand acting again and learning some more… Personal development is not the ability to makechoices. It is the ability to take responsibility for those choices. No excuses as to why you did not achieve what you wanted to do. Success-minded people know that all choices carry consequences, good or bad. Successful people accept and own the consequences; unsuccessful people make excuses for them.

Number two is this: Nothing Happens Without Action! If you want to succeed at anything in life, whether that is to cook a tasty dinner or change the world, you must take action and take it now. If you do not take action on your dreams, they are nothing but wishes and wishes are like smoke, they just blow away.

Coaching application

Clients are encouraged to identify “what can I change?” in order to answer the question “what can I do?” to bring about this change
How do you feel you could best motivate yourself? What are the best ways for you to support yourself at this point?
If you had no restrictions at all, who would you be?
Here are some questions that may help: Which opportunity are you going to pursue?
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What actions will you take to achieve your goal?
What is your time frame?
What are the steps you’re going to take? What’s the very first thing you will do? What are the next three steps? What else? Have you considered the potential barriers? Tell me how you plan to overcome these obstacles… Who will you ask to help you along the way? What else will you need?

How committed do you feel to this particular opportunity, out of 10?
What are some ways you can get to 10?
How are you going to know that you’ve succeeded?

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