Awareness + Accountability = Transformation

Awareness + Accountability = Transformation

Where does the transformation begin?

 Many problems arise in the business, entrepreneurial and organizational environment, problems that can prevent efficient operation, which leads to failure to achieve performance.Based on my experience, working with different clients, from different business environments, from companies to medical practices, and from different countries, I found that only 40% of a person's potential is used every day at work. And this for various reasons depending on the field of activity, the work environment, etc. Clients answered the question about efficiency by highlighting the reasons why they are not performing better: work environment, lack of opportunities, leadership, fears of the unknown, tomorrow, change, etc. For these common problems, there are now solutions that can prevent and solve the challenges that hinder or delay the path to corporate success. A team is an already formed system, a living organism, with its own needs, desires, resources, dynamics and successes and most importantly: it is made up of people with values, with needs with strengths, with expectations. The performance of this system means that each individual works both individually and especially in groups in the best possible way. How is this possible? How is your team? Team management has always been a focus for any organization. The successes achieved by the team influence the level of performance of the companies, regardless of their specificity. There are times when we ask ourselves, "Why doesn't it work as expected?" It is the question that opens the curiosity to find solutions:


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1. Awareness

One tool through which we can develop our skills and level of awareness is coaching.

As the level of awareness and understanding increases, the client begins to have new options, new perspectives that lead to new and inspired actions.

It is an extremely effective tool in discovering the true values ​​and strengths without which performance cannot be optimized, because personal values ​​are the internal compass of each of us.

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• What would it mean for you to get what you want? • What would this do for you? • What experience would you like to have? • What is missing that makes you want to ...? • What stops you? • What scares you? • What motivates you? • What choices do you have? • What does your heart long for?

These questions stimulate our awareness, help us to realize what it is and what we really want.

Often the inner obstacles are more discouraging than the outer ones, and awareness is the first step to evolving, to overcome those inner blockages.

We are able to control only the situations we are aware of. We can think of the awareness process as using a magnifying glass that increases our focus on what it is, helping us to be more clear about the situation.

The moment you become aware of what you are feeling and what you are thinking, you can change your attitude and behavior. Your reactions will be clearer, more conscious, as you notice more.

With clarity, we discover our qualities, our strengths and at the same time we see the inner obstacles that block us.

Furthermore, this awareness of what you are, what you want, what you believe, what you feel, what hinders you, what keeps you stuck, leads to acceptance and authenticity. Thus, you choose responsibly and assume everything you choose to do.

Allow yourself to embark on this learning process!

By being aware of who we are, what values ​​we have, what strengths and what inner obstacles we have, we can relate to others with curiosity, without prejudice, at the same time without violating our own principles. Thus, we will have successful collaborations and partnerships, based on trust and support.

Awareness of who we really are and how we relate to others helps us to develop as genuine, flexible people with an open and positive attitude.


2. TAKING RESPONSIBILITY: A real and authentic evolution takes place when we take responsibility for what we discover and put into practice: actions, concrete steps that lead us to our goals.


 After discovering new perspectives based on aligning goals with personal values, the coach's goal becomes to support the client in the action he takes. Establish the necessary steps and then the mode of action so that the journey to the goal is easy and achievable.


Of course, once we identify the real situation, which we want to change, we want to know how to get where we want. This is one of the key moments in coaching, it is the place where the transformation really begins.


Be guided in your transformation:

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